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SWR and Dyslexia

My son, who we've just tested because of learning issues, probably dyslexia,has gone from a 1.2 (first grade, second month) spelling level to a 3.5 spelling level since we started with this program in September 2006, a little over five months. His reading has gone from "will he EVER learn" to he's reading and making wonderful steps every day. This program is AWESOME!!!

I have NO ties to the program. I was fortunate to stumble across it in some of my research trying to find something that would help our son read, and I'm so glad I did. It has changed our lives. I think we used almost every program out there before this one came across our path.

So I would highly encourage you to learn it. It is well worth it. Your kids will be so much better off spelling - wise if you teach them this program. I have never been a great speller myself. After using this program to teach my
son, I now know that I was never taught all the rules on how to spell that this program teaches. I love to spell today; it's always been something I dreaded. Go for it! I can't tell you how great it is!!!


Here's a letter from Julia Schmidt, who also had a child with learning problems:
"Dear Mary,
" I've been using SWR for the last six years of homeschooling, before it was even called SWR. I attended your SWR seminar in Monrovia a few years ago after
having struggled through for years trying to figure it out for myself, and discovered that even with the mistakes I made, the program was still working well for my kids. My 6th grade son is almost finished with the program and my 5th grade daughter is over halfway through.

"I struggle with teaching my daughter, however; she just doesn't seem to get things when I explain them and has a hard time staying on track. Last week I finally took her to see Marian Soderholm. Turns out she's ADD and has some
auditory processing problems, as well as Perceptual Motor problems. But here's the kicker: she scored at 10th grade level for reading and letter/word identification
and 11th grade for passage comprehension. Marian was amazed that with all her glitches, she still scored so highly in Language Arts and had such good
phonological skills. It was when she said the word "phonological" that I realized why she did so well; SWR has helped her learn despite the problems she has. In fact, now that I think about it, spelling is the only subject in which she doesn't struggle (except maybe art and music!)

"She came home from that appointment on cloud nine, telling me that she felt smart for the first time in her life. I chose SWR because you recommended it and when I looked it over, it was the only phonics program I'd come across that made sense to me. I had no idea what a gift I was giving to my daughter by choosing this curriculum. Just another example of God filling in the gaps for us
homeschoolers; I know it was His guidance that led me to it.

"Take care,
Julia Schmidt"

Recommended reading

Disclaimer: We do not necessarily agree with everything these books have to say, but list them as a convenience to you. These have been recommended by various Special Needs teachers and consultants.

Helping Children with Learning Disorders by Jerome Rosner

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