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List of Workshops and talks Mary Tanksley presents

HomeSchooling for the Heart and Home Seminar
Teaching Teens
Researching Spell to Write and Read?
Spell to Write and Read Seminar
Spell to Write and Read Advanced Seminar
Spelling Diagnostic Test
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The Amazing Story of English! workshop
Purity and patience seminar
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List of Workshops and talks Mary Tanksley presents
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Mary Tanksley is available for workshops and talks at Conventions, support groups, or other venues.

Mary speaks on a variety of topics, from general parenting, family talks, to homeschooling and educational workshops. She can also format talks of your choice. Contact information is at the bottom of this page.

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Family and Parenting Topics

Foundational Parenting
God has made the family the basic unit of society, yet it is under attack today as never before in our history. What does the Bible say a family should do? What are the jobs of each family member? What can we do to strengthen and fortify our own family? How can homeschooling make our family stronger and more godly? The common, every-day type of things families do... from playing games to reading, working, and eating together, will build a stronger family and stronger individuals who will be able to stand against the world. Mary Tanksley will share helpful biblical insights into reinforcing your family structure.

Teaching our Daughters Godliness
Imparting godliness is done by our example, our daily walk and lifestyle as well as purposefully training our girls what God desires of women! The virtues of a godly woman should be taught to boys as well, so they will understand how to choose a life partner. This dynamic, Bible based workshop will give you an encouraging, motivating, and practical look at this vital topic.

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General HomeSchooling topics

An Introduction to HomeSchooling

What is home schooling? Is it legal? How can I possibly teach my own children? What about their socialization? Mary Tanksley, a homeschool veteran of over 25 years, will address these questions, plus give you ideas for age-appropriate curriculum, and encouragement for the journey! How do we follow God's directives for the family, and teach our children diligently as we sit in our house, walk by the way, lie down, and rise up? Establishing a biblical education, developing a strong and deep love for God, and teaching the Christian world view will give your homeschool a strong foundation.

Navigating the Curriculum Jungle

Have you bought curriculum, and never used it, or found it unsuitable for your family? Understanding your child's strengths and weaknesses is critical before buying any. Then there's the variety of educational methods: unit studies... classical education.... principle approach.... unschooling.... what's a homeschool mom to do? Mary Tanksley, homeschool mom of eight, will help you unwind the tangle of curriculum and make a unique, individualized plan for your unique children! Discover the joy of making your own homeschool blend of a variety of methods and books, and still have a cohesive whole!

The Best Part of Home School-- Teaching Your Teenager

Why do so many home school families plan to send their children to school when they reach high school or junior high age? Would you plant and cultivate a fruit tree only to allow a stranger to reap its sweet harvest? Mary Tanksley will give you practical information, some great resources, and a challenge not to miss out on the best that homeschool has to offer-- teaching to the complete harvest!

Motivating your Children-- The School Party Plus!

Are your children drag their heels, so to say, when you're trying to homeschool? Let Mary tell you about some great ideas that have kept her family home schooling successfully for over 25 years! Keep yourself focused and renewed, keep your children excited and on track, and keep the whole family confident that home schooling is the best for all concerned. Plus, get some practical help to keep all motivated and happy!

Choosing Godly Curriculum

How can we know that the curriculum we've chosen is godly, and will lead our children in the right and biblical path? What principles can we use in choosing their school work? How to tell the difference between child-centered, subject-centered, or Godly curriculum. We'll see principles in God's Word for direction and choosing educational materials for our children. A dynamic talk, centered in biblical principles, with suggested curriculum.

Teaching our Children to Think

We don't want children who just parrot what they are told, but to grow in knowledge, understanding and wisdom. Mary Tanksley will take you through some basic information on teaching critical thinking skills, helping your children build logical thought processes, and applying biblical reasoning and insight in all they do. Suggestions will be given for building this in all ages.

Designing your own Classical Education Homeschool

Does the idea of Classical Education appeal to you, but you would like the freedom to plan your own curriculum? Understanding how children develop mentally and spiritually will help you understand just why this method is so powerful! May Tanksley will share some basic principles of classical education, as well as specific curriculum that works for home schoolers!

History Alive!
Give your children a real love for history--- world, American, and California-- through field trips, literature, and small group activities added to what you teach in your own home. Mary Tanksley will cover the "best" field trips highlighted throughout the state, places to see on the homeschooler's "ultimate field trip" to Washington, DC, as well as tons of activities just around the house which will make history a class your whole family will remember! Your children will hardly realize how much they are learning, they'll be having so much fun!

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Homeschooling with large families; with preschoolers

Play-Doh to Plato: Teaching Multi-Level Families

Has God blessed you with a full quiver? Mary Tanksley will share some of the vision God has given their family of ten concerning families of any size: God's design for families, how to be a functional family, raising godly children, basic crowd control, and some of the secret of homeschooling many grades at once!

Harmony with Little Ones

How can you teach, with your toddlers running around screaming for attention? Or are you wanting to start homeschooling your preschooler, but have been told he's too young? How can you determine when the best time is to start teaching your little one? And what are some good materials to use? Mary Tanksley, mother of eight children, will answer these as well as other pertinent questions concerning this.

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Language Arts topics
Teaching Language Arts

Language-- grammar and composition, literature, logic, vocabulary, spelling and penmanship-- are keys to effective communication, but an endangered species in public education today. Being a good communicator at is increasingly important in this age of information! This workshop will give you practical ideas, plus curriculum suggestions for all ages.

Teaching Teens Language Arts

Language-- grammar and composition, literature, logic, vocabulary, spelling and penmanship-- are keys to effective communication but endangered species in public education today. Being a good communicator at the high school level and beyond is increasingly important in this age of information! This workshop will give you practical ideas, plus curriculum suggestions for completing your teenager's education and preparing them for college, apprenticeship, or trade.

Literature-- a Window on the World

Literature can be a cauldron of trouble and worldly propaganda, or a vehicle to edify and uplift the soul. Understanding the forms and modes of literature will help you impart the wisdom found in good literature. What is the difference between reading books and literature? What is the purpose of literature study? How can we entice our children to enjoy truly good books? How do we know what are the right books to study? Mary Tanksley will explore question such as: How do I get my children to like reading? Why study literature? What to look for in good literature. What lessons does literature teach? Specific suggestions for all ages.

Teaching Composition

Teaching composition is one of the homeschoolers' greatest fears, yet it need not be. Some excellent ideas on how to gain confidence in teaching this important subject, plus some very practical ways to weave it into your curriculum. Mary Tanksley will show you some great resources and will share some ways to make evaluation of your children's work much easier.

Teaching Foreign Languages

Parlez-vous francais? Habla usted espanol? Sprechen Sie deutsch? However you want to say it, teaching a foreign language can be intimidating for the homeschooler! Yet this can be a fun and important part of teaching our children about the world, whether it's conversational in grade school, or college prep in high school. Besides good core curriculum, Mary will share great ideas for making foreign language fun and mind-expanding for all ages.

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Talks with Bill and Mary Tanksley
Laying a Strong Foundation for HomeSchooling

This is a dynamic presentation that will motivate and equip parents to set the stage for homeschooling; by successfully rising to the challenge of Biblical Parenting. We will help mom and dad sharpen their focus by exposing some of the sacred cows of our society while encouraging you to restore the biblical pattern of parenting. You will learn from God's Word and a wealth of personal experience the essentials of establishing a Christian home, directing your children's education, and some great ways to get motivated!

Patience and Purity: Boy-Girl Relationships

Dating... hook-ups... unsupervised time alone at young ages... the world accepts these ideas as a normal way for teens to "get to know each other." There's got to be a better way! Come explore some biblical principles of knowing God's will, of building relationships, and that fit so well into what we as homeschoolers are working at for our children's future lives! This talk is geared for parents with children of all ages, and all children in attendance are welcome, also!

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