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Evaluate your child's achievement level

This test will give a benchmark for measuring future gains, and will give you the knowledge where to start your spelling program.

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Who should take this test?

Students who can read can take this test immediately to determine placement in the Wise Guide Spelling Sections. Beginning students who cannot read yet will wait until the first 140 words are taught (about 2 months into the program.)

What is the purpose of this test?
Evaluate the progress: we can determing spelling mastery for beginning (1st grade) through college-level spelling (13.0) This scientifically measures teaching effectiveness.

How to test:

Administer the test carefully; read the following instructions word for word:

"I will dictate each spelling word, read a sentence containing that word, and then say the word again. You will probably not spell all the words correctly, but do your best. I cannot give you any hints. We are testing for what you already know, not teaching you this time. Dot your I's and cross your T's."

Enunciate each word clearly, as we would say it in normal speech. Collect the student's paper as soon as he is finished. Do NOT show him his paper again, or make reference to what he missed, or how well he did. If he asks, just praise him with, "You did a great job!"

Do not read all 50 of the words. Stop giving the words when your student misses five in a row. Often, they will miss 1, get 2-3 right, and so on. Continue testing until they miss five consecutive words.

How to Score this test:

1. If you have Spell to Write and Read, go to page 198, and read the top section. Apply the number your child got right to Grade Status, and the first word missed to the Spelling Section at the chart at the bottom of the page.

2. If you do not have the SWR book, email me with the total number of words your child got right, and the first word missed. If he missed any of the first ten words, start him at Section A. Also, let me know if there was more than 10 words missed between the first wrong word and the second.

Open another window, and email me at I will write back with your student's evaluation.

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Diagnostic Test 8
(SWR page 206; copyright Wanda Sanseri. Used by permission)

1. run= I will run in the track meet.= = run
2. the = The garden needs to be planted. =the
3. we = We enjoy his company. =we
4. your = This is your book. =your
5. must = We must go now. =must
6. sea = Columbus sailed the sea. =sea
7. was = He was happy to see me. =was
8. that = That car is mine. =that
9. add = He wants me to add his name to the list. =add
10. river = The river runs through the city. =river
11. fire = He built a fire in the fireplace. = fire
12. post = The post holding up the roof is cracked.= post
13. eye = The dog is blind in one eye. = eye
14. two = Sue gave me two red apples. = two
15. push = He wants to push his little brother in the wagon.= push
16. point = The point of the knife is very sharp. = point
17. anyway = We asked him to stay home, but he went anyway. = anyway
18. goes = Their father goes regularly to church. =goes
19. built = Grandfather build his own house. =built
20. carry = John wants to help carry the groceries. =carry
21. aboard = She climbed aboard the train. =aboard
22. refuse = He will refuse to cooperate. =refuse
23. truly = She truly desires to do what is right. =truly
24. several = One was not enough; he owns several cars. = several
25. desire = Why do you desire to join the Marines? = desire
26. period = They walk for a brief period each day. = period
27. firm = He held on to me with a firm grip. = firm
28. weigh = He wants to weigh himself every day. = weigh
29. against = He is standing against the wall. = against
30. complete = Tim has the complete set of The Chronicles f Narnia. = complete
31. pleasant = Jane is a pleasant, courteous worker. = pleasant
32. affair = The difficult affair at work caused him much grief. -affair
33. estimate = He got an estimate for the damage. -estimate
34. accept = He refused to accept my phone call. -accept
35. decide = He want sus to decide on a color by tomorrow. = decide
36. colonies = The early Puritan colonies settled in New England. = colonies
37. elaborate = That is an elaborate hat. = elaborate
38. session = The first session lasted for two hours. = session
39. reference = She found the reference book at the library. = reference
40. independent = Sam is an independent, reliable worker. = independent
41. appreciate = He does not appreciate my help. = appreciate
42. bicycle = His ten-speed bicycle was stolen. = bicycle
43. artificial = The war veteran has an artifical leg. = artificial
44. employees = He has twelve employees working for him. = employees
45. decision = She has a hard decision to make. = decision
46. immense = The job seemed too immense to handle = immense
47. parallel = The freeway runs parallel to the river. = parallel
48. exquisite = The dress form Paris was exquisite. = exquisite
49. dispensary = He want to the dispensary for the medicine. = dispensary
50. proficiency = He operates the machine with great proficiency. = proficiency

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