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Other events Mary will be at:
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This page lists other venues Mary Tanksley will be speaking at.

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CFS Expo: San Diego County

DATE: May 9-10, 2008
LOCATION: Emmanuel Faith Church, Escondido, CA

Mary will be giving a talk on Teaching Composition for all ages. Teaching composition is one of the homeschoolers' greatest fears, yet it need not be. Some excellent ideas on how to gain confidence in teaching this important subject, plus some very practical ways to weave it into your curriculum. Mary Tanksley will show you some great resources and will share some ways to make evaluation of your children's work much easier.

There will be other speakers, as well as a Curriculum Hall.

Click here for more information: CFS HomeSchool Expo

EVENT: CFS Fallbrook
LOCATION: Fallbrook, CA
DATE: March 11, 2008 7 PM

Mary will be giving a short talk on Teaching Reading to all ages for 20 minutes, as part of a panel on Homeschooling.

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