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The Tanksleys have homeschooled their eight children for over twenty six years, and have graduated six from 12th grade. Three of them won the CHEA California State home schooling scholarship! Mary is presently homeschooling 11th and 8th grades.

In addition to spending twenty-five years in curriculum research, studying child development, and teaching Bible studies, Mary holds a BA in Language Arts and Bible from Biola University. She is the founder and teacher of HomeSchooling for the Heart and Home Seminars, and an endorsed teacher-trainer for Wanda Sanseri's Spell to Write and Read, a complete phonics and spelling program.


Tanksley family, Christmas 2006

Bill Tanksley, owner of his family business with three of his sons working with him, is also available for conference and ISP sessions.

Bill and Mary are regular speakers at the annual CHEA and CFS (San Diego County) conventions, and have been Featured Speakers at various conventions. They teach from a distinctly Christian veiwpoint, without addressing doctrinal differences, for their main purpose is to encourage and edify the Christian homeschooler.