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What to do before the SWR seminar to get the most out of it!

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We highly recommend you do the following before coming to this seminar. While many people come with no prior knowledge or preparation, it just makes sense: the more you can prepare, the more you will get out of this! At the same time, I realize there are time restraints on all of us. Just do the best you can, and come joyfully, prepared to learn a lot about our wonderful language!

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Preparation for 2-day SWR seminar

1. Study 70 phonograms with the CD and cards; try to learn as many as you can.
If you plan on picking up your Core Kit at the seminar, let Mary Tanksley know, and she will mail or fax you the phonogram list. Sometimes the hostess will have a copy; ask her.
2. Read SWR pages 1-19
3. If possible, bring 5 highlighters with you: blue, green, pink, orange, and yellow.
4. Read aloud daily to your children!
5.Finally, you'll also want to be well rested and ready for the eight hours of instruction both days of the class. If you'll have far to drive to attend the class, you might want to consider staying in a local motel or with a friend who lives nearby on Thursday and Friday nights so that you can be well rested and alert both mornings. Sharing a room and attending the class with a friend always makes it more enjoyable and economical!
See below for special instructions for preschool and older children.

To "bid" on your chosen price hotel:

For those with beginning students (Preschool-K)

Read SWR pages 20-23.

I suggest you purchase The Reading Game at the seminar.
This contains many tactile games and activities to engage the younger child.

For those with students already spelling and/or reading:

1. Give the diagnostic test to each child if possible
(SWR page 198). Bring the result to the class.

2. Read SWR pages 23-32.