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Organizing a SWR seminar:

Basically, hosting a SWR seminar boils down to three major parts: obtaining a facility, publicity (putting out the word), and hostessing the seminar itself. I'll delineate each of these below.

Hostessing a seminar is not a lot of work, and it is, so it's nice to have a few friends help with various parts if that's possible. It's a great ministry, helps people use this program better, as well as letting people be aware of SWR.


1. Facility needs
The hostess (or group) would be in charge of obtaining a facility that is adequate for the seminar, and is in a central location. Usually a fellowship hall is used, since we need tables for everyone to sit at. I need one table at the front to hold my display books, an the overhead projector, and screen. Four-five tables are needed at the back: one for registration, and the others for the bookstore.

The attendees will sit at tables, facing forward, and since each table usually holds 3-4 people, so the room needs to hold about 10-20 tables, depending on registration. Frequently we get the facility at no cost, since it is an educational seminar of service to homeschoolers and teachers. If there is a cost, hopefully it will be minimal-- no more than $50-$100 total, which I pay. We need it from Thurs. afternoon or evening (to set up) will Sat. about 7 pm ( to allow break-down time.)

My needs: One table is at the front for my books and screen. A microphone needed if large attendance or if the acoustics are not good. Usually I'm fine without it.

The SWR seminar is a two-day event, 9 AM - 6 PM (Fri-Sat). We need to get into the room about 8:15 the first day to start the coffee, set up snacks, etc.

We can set up the books either the night before, or that morning. I prefer to set up the night before, to make sure everything is in place.

See the SWR page for a sample eflier information: address, phone, etc.

2. Publicity
We need at least some lead time, so we can "nail down" the facility, and have time to get the fliers and publicity out. I'll put it on the nation-wide SWR e-group, as well as my website and Wanda's website, and send you an e-flier plus some hard copy fliers. The more you put the word out, the better! I will be sending to the alumni, and the groups I know. Let me know what groups you send to, so we don't overlap.

There is NO cost up at all to the organizing group or person; I just ask that you do your best to "get the word out" by mailing the fliers to near-by support groups, calling leaders and people you know who might be interested, and answering questions about the seminar. If you don't use email much, or can't get to the phone often, it may be good to have a friend listed on the flier who can do those things.

After we have agreed on the date and have confirmed the facility, I will send you an e-flier. Let me know if you want hard copy fliers.

If you have any costs, such as postage or long-distance, I just ask that you save your receipts to give me, and I'll be happy to reimburse me.

If people have questions about the seminar, you can refer them to me, or forward their email to me if you don't know the answer. Communication with my hostesses if very important!

There is a page on my website if someone is investigating Researching Spell to Write and Read?

And this page is recommendations on from those who've attended my seminars: Endorsements and recommendations

Fliers; I provide, and you send out. Most groups use only e-fliers, but I can send you paper fliers if you want. Each group is different!

There are several ways to get the word out:
1. Call the leader of the organizations first before you email or mail the fliers if possible; many leaders get so much spam, they just delete if they don't recognize the sender. Ask how many fliers they'd like, and if they'd also like the email version.

2. Send the email flier-- send to as many support groups as you can find. The best way to do this is to do a search through google for "homeschool support groups, like CHEA, and other Orange County support groups or ISPs. See if you can post it on the State-wide CHEA Website.

3. Mail the hard copy fliers (or send e-fliers, whichever they want) to as many groups as you can, and some individually as people call you for information.

4. Set out fliers in as many places as people might be interested in this class: public libraries (get permission first; tell them it's an educational seminar for teaching literacy/reading & spelling), grocery stores, bookstores (& Christian bookstores), plus churches.

5. Post it on the state homeschool website, local and regional sites. See if you can post it on near-by states, also. Pass the word on!

6. Word of mouth is invaluable! Many people come because YOU'RE excited about it, and want to help them find a better way for teaching!
Keep track of what groups you talk to, how many fliers went out to them, etc. I will provide hard copy fliers as well as e-fliers as soon as you have the basic information. We need the name of the church, address, and directions from all directions.

3. Hostessing the Seminar

1) Welcome the people, and take registrations at the door.

2) Run the book table during breaks. I'll have everything ready to show you what to do! Sometimes I bring my older children to help with this.

3) Snacks, coffee, and tea: Some hostesses like to organize some friends to help provide light refreshments. This is 2 long days, so light refreshments really help people stay awake! Again, keep the receipts, and I will be happy to reimburse you.


Minimum attendance
There is a minimum of 10 new (full-pay) attendees, and there might be scholarships available if we're close to that for people who have financial need. If you do a good job of getting the word out, it shouldn't be a problem to have 15 attendees! Usually that isn't hard to do when the publicity is out in enough time.

Hostess Premium
The hostess will receive one free admission, plus other incentives, as well as the satisfaction of providing a valuable service for the homeschooling community. Of course, this may be shared with a friend.

There needs to be at least 10 full- paying registrants, but after that base is met, you will receive 10% cash or 20% off of the book table of the other registrations! The following will clarify for you the hostess premium:

A. As the hostess, your registration is waived

B. After the 10 new attendees foundation base from registrations (to cover my expenses) has been met, the hostess can earn,

1. 20% of registration money, above the base, in credit at the book table OR
2. 10% of registration money, above the base, in cash payment.

NOTE: The more you and your team promote the seminar, the more will be earned. In addition, one first-time attendee registration ($135 value) will be waived for the person of your choice. This can be applied to a single person's registration or split between two or more people's registrations. I will need to know who will be using this second scholarship. Please note that this scholarship is only available when we have a minimum of 10 people attending at the full price (not at scholarship rates).


See the SWR page for a sample flier-- the hard copy will be similar, though formatted on one page.

I appreciate my hostesses, and I know that the attendees appreciate this ministry! I can't come to an area without their work!

There is a lot to do. Some people love to do everything themselves, while others get friends or support groups involved. There are 3 times of busyness: finding the facility, sending out the fliers, and of course, the 3 last days-- the day before the seminar, and the 2 seminar days. I'll help as much as I can!
Contact me at if you would like more information on hosting a seminar!
Mary Tanksley
SWR endorsed trainer

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