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Join us for eight relaxing days and seven nights January 20-27, 2002

Take a refreshing Carnival cruise to the Mexican Riviera for your semester break and come back focused on your most important priorities! This cruise will feature all the beauty and exotic enchantment of Mexico's most popular ports coupled with a family-building series of workshops by Bill and Mary Tanksley. Sailing from Los Angeles, we'll be stopping at Cabo San Lucs, Mazatlan, as well as Puerto Vallarta!

There will be time each day for fellowship with kindred spirits, family time, plenty of food, fun, and a series on Strengthening the Family with Bill and Mary.

Topics will include
- how to instruct, train, and correct your children
- the power of "spaced repitition"
- essential elements of honoring your parents
- training sons and daughters in godliness
- instilling a work ethic
- preparing for courtship, college, and career
- parenting for future generations
- peace in the family
- building self-esteem the biblical way
- practical "how to" answers to your questions

From more information, reservations, or to request a flier, call Sandy Zemanek at 800-679-1813